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Fapp: Core Rulebook 3rd Edition

The 3rd Edition of Fapp includes a simple but versatile ruleset that allows you to make the character of your wildest erotic fantasies and embark on sexual misadventures in just about any setting you can imagine, whether you pick up one of the published expansions or dream up your own world!

Fapp: Spunkborne

The fourteenth expansion will plunge us into the dark, deserted streets of a fantasy city built upon demon worship and gothic architecture, its residents corrupted into impossible beasts that now prey upon the hunters that have come to investigate the city's fall. Countless terrors that haunt the night and eldritch monstrosities that should-not-be now infest this once-great city, spreading their malevolence through pathogens most foul, whose virulence is undoubtedly Spunkborne.

Fapp: Yokai Hentai

The thirteenth expansion will take us to an urban jungle protected since ancient times by guardian spirits who've helped to stave off the more virulent aspects of the Fappening from corrupting the metropolis of mortals they're sworn to protect. In this world where sacred spirits, masked heroes, magical girls, and even full-grown Kaiju clash in the city streets, we're going to pierce the heavens with our Yokai Hentai!

Fapp: Hyper Space

The twelfth expansion for the Fapp RPG system thrusts us into the far reaches of space where no man has ventured before, searching the depths of the universe for the weirdest and kinkiest aliens to bump uglies with in Hyper Space. This expansion for Fapp 3rd Edition focuses on science fiction themes, including bizarre alien biology and daring galactic explorers.

Fapp: Cursed Cumpendium

The eleventh expansion for the Fapp RPG System delves into the records of blighted beasts, accursed artifacts, and dreadful afflictions contained within the mysterious Sunken Temple - as well as profiles on the daring treasure hunters who seek them and the ancient guardians that safeguard them in this most Cursed Cumpendium. This expansion focuses on fantasy dungeon delvers and the dark curses they unintentionally release - including sinister forces that, if left unchecked, may plunge Jizzral into eternal darkness.

Fapp: Cyberjunk

The tenth expansion for Fapp sends us to the future of Neo Babylon City in Cyberjunk, where the singularity has bridged the gap between people and AI, cybernetic augments have become ubiquitous, shadowy megacorps rule the city, and for some reason it's always raining! This expansion will focus on the cyberpunk genre, featuring tons of cyborgs, synths, punks, and futuristic tech. Whether you're running from the man or running the corps from behind the scenes, your hands are gonna be full with Cyberjunk.

Fapp: Fuck University

The ninth expansion for Fapp sends us back to school to Fuck University, where everyone looking to get a leg up in sex studies can bang their way to the top! This expansion focuses on a college life setting, complete with sexy sororities, fuck-hungry fraternities, and pervy professors. Whether you're starting from the basics or studying up for post-grad gratification, Fuck U is for you!

Fapp: Yiff in Hell

The eighth expansion for the Fapp series will send us to the depths of hell to explore the endless depravities and corruptions brought forth by the demons, devils, and other denizens of the flaming depths - as well as those brave souls who struggle to resist their foul taint in Yiff in Hell.

Fapp: Dragon Layer

The seventh expansion for the Fapp series will send us soaring through the clouds in search of the most dangerous beasts in all of Jizzral - the massive and magnificent beasts known as dragons! We'll be exploring all the different varieties of dragons in Jizzral, as well as folks who hunt, breed, ride, worship, and transform into them in Dragon Layer.

Fapp: Monster Balls

The sixth expansion for the Fapp series explores will the depths of Jizzral where settlers trapped here by the Endgame have taken to recreating the fashions and traditions of various monster-collecting cultures in a previously-uninhabited island where the digital monsters spawned by Noir from datamined video game assets now run wild. Here, adventurers now seek the glory of Monster Balls.

Fapp: Endgame

The fifth expansion for the Fapp series explores the stories of a group of modern-day gamers that have found their way into the secret underground erotic virtual reality MMO that lets them explore Jizzral from the comfort of their own homes, but can they really get away untouched by the Fappening? This book will explore a plethora of 'stuck-in-MMO' tropes and characters, with a full campaign detailing the gamers' plight when they find themselves stuck in Jizzral!

Fapp: Landsmeat

The fourth expansion for Fapp takes us back to the high fantasy realm of Jizzral, where we bear witness to the heroic and fantastic exploits of the barbaric factions of the Tribelands. This deep dive into the great tribes of the land explores each tribe in depth, and includes a brand new adventure set in the Landsmeat, the grand tournament where the tribes meet and compete to settle disputes and wager their champions to bolster their ranks.

Fapp: Hard Heroes

The third expansion for Fapp explores the fast and loose themes of comicbook superheroes, expanding on a modern setting where all manner of deviant mutants and masterminds run rampant! Check out the superheroic antics of Babylon City's fantastically endowed heroes, the heinous schemes of its sultry villains, and the shady schemes of those in-between!



Fapp: Ass Effect

The second expansion for Fapp will explore the far future where advanced robotics, mutagenic mishaps, and alien encounters help exacerbate the erotic adventures the diverse heroes of tomorrow must face! New monsters, adventurers, factions, and fiendish biohazards are featured alongside a brand new erotic adventure!


Fapp: Balls Deep in Duat

The first expansion for FAPP, Balls Deep in Duat explores the ancient Egyptian realm of Duat, a plane corrupted by the Fappening spread from Jizzral, with the natives just now adapting to the newfound traits they've developed. New monsters, NPCs, places, and even a whole new Pantheon are featured alongside a new adventure set in the heart of this desert setting.

Fapp: Rotgut Rampage

Greetings and welcome, to a world where erotic fantasies come true; or at least a very specific subset of them, anyhow. First crowdfunded by fans on Offbeatr, this erotic furry tabletop RPG allows a group of friends to explore the fantastic land of Jizzral, either in person, or over the web, with rules for erotic encounters, character and monster creation and advancement!

Advanced Fapp

This free rulebook features all of the core rules and mechanics of the Advanced Fapp system so you can try before you buy, or follow along while playing with your group. The other sourcebooks feature additional content (and porn) to help expand your games even further beyond the rules included here.



Filth Folio

This free supplement features art and monster entries for some of the most filthy and disgusting creatures ever to infest the dank depths of Jizzral. This one is truly not for the faint of heart!


Delving into the alchemically-enhanced Kingdom of Zanthrone, this free supplement contains a wealth of new potions to explore, as well as the varied residents of Zanthrone whose bodies have been warped beyond recognition by their effects.



This free rulebook is a fan creation that mashes up the setting of Fapp with the rules of Pathfinder. Check it out if you're interested in a fresh take that will add some extra erotic crunch to your Fapp fluff.







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